1 Hour Glucose Test

At around 28 weeks of pregnancy, our patients are screened for gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes differs from traditional diabetes in that it is diagnosed during pregnancy, was not present before pregnancy, and (in most cases) will resolve after delivery. It is important to screen our patients for gestational diabetes because there are potential health consequences for both mother and baby that can be managed by careful monitoring once the diagnosis is made.

One hour glucola testing is relatively simple and does not require the patient to fast before the test is performed. The test consists of drinking a beverage over the course of 3 minutes and then having blood drawn exactly one hour later to monitor blood glucose levels. The beverage, which contains 50 grams of dextrose, is very sweet and is usually orange or lemon-lime flavored.

Patients have a couple of options regarding where they may initiate the first part of the test. Some patients choose to take the beverage home, and consume it over the course of 3 minutes on the day of their scheduled test. When they arrive at the office, the patient must notify the nurse/staff that they are coming in for gestational diabetes lab work. The patient tells the staff what time they finished their drink and thus what time their blood needs to be drawn.

Some patients may experience signs of hypoglycemia such as dizziness or nausea. We advise that if the patient is going to consume their drink at home, it is wise to have someone drive them to the office in the event that these symptoms occur.

Other patients choose to consume the drink at the office and wait on site until it is time to have their blood drawn. It is a matter of personal preference. We ask that if you choose to drink the beverage at home, please arrive at the office well in advance of the one hour blood draw. Our personnel need’s enough time to get you checked in and seated in the lab so that the lab work may be done in the appropriate window of time.

Results are obtained in 3-4 days. If the results are abnormal, you will be notified and a follow-up 3 hour glucola test is indicated.
If the results are normal, we will simply review the results at your next scheduled visit.

Please feel free to ask Dr. Brenda Hines or her staff any other questions you may have about this test.